Our phones will soon be talking to us more and more. In less than 5 years, you’ll speak your wants into the air  — anywhere —  and a woman/man’s warm voice will talk back to you, ready to fulfill your commands.

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has already started. Ask SIRI and AMAZON's smart speaker Echo, AI-powered by virtual assistant ALEXA. Amazon has sold tens of millions ALEXA-cabable since launch. The future of aural interfaces is clear.

Your Stylishly app will soon be talking to you because what we all want most from our devices is FREEDOM. We want to be able to tell them to do the things we’re thinking and get immediate results. With the help of ALEXA and/or SIRI, this is the future we want to build for you.
And it starts now! Saving and organizing your street style inspirations in Stylishly app is the first step to soon make your fashion shopping decisions way smarter, time-efficient in addition to make your fashion life more fun.
AMAZON started by selling only books online, remember? Big things have small beginnings.
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Everyday fans use the app to

DISCOVER real Street Style & great stories

No pauses, no fake attitudes to promote brands. Stylishly provides everyday real street style and fashion week stories to be inspired by.

SAVE & ORGANIZE their style inspirations

Upload style you love, pins others, crate albums to organize your inspiration. The user interface is so friendly that you may use Stylishly daily.

ENJOY a unique innovative & entertaining experience

Instead of still pics and a clustered not friendly user interface, we created an automated slideshow to make you spare time and delight your eyes and senses.

HELP friends & fashion brands

Brands don’t know what fashionista wants. And your friends may be lost too in their own way. That’s where your curated album will help them. It’s your turn to inspire and guide others with your sensitivity.

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Our commitments

To Users

NO fake street style, NO pauses, NO un-mentioned paid articles, NO “Look how more beautiful than you I am!” nor “Look how my life is greater than yours!”. We, as human beings are and deserve better than this. Our mission: to empower you. Our ultimate joy: seeing you making the best of your life.

To Brands

NO fake followers, likes and views. Keep your money to create better and greener products that will protect mother Earth. Don’t just be a fashion brands either. Listen to people with your heart  and help them to build self confidence, fight bullies and achieve their dreams. Let’s work it together! Call us!

To Investors

How many fashion Ecommerce startups must fail and die, how many $ Billions must you lose to understand that the Ecommerce ecosystem is structurally not profitable, will never be especially in fashion? The only way to succeed in E-commerce is the Amazon way. Which one? Let’s have a lunch first!

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What our users say

This is my favorite app!! Fashionistas and women lovers you can’t have iPhone without this app. And it’s not just about fashion, it’s about beauty and individuality of modern women. Kamel is such a talented photographer, I adore his ability not only to capture style, but to bring out inner beauty and character of women. And I love that’s it’s international, give you a wide perspective.

Camilla Coel Rio de Janeiro

In the midst of a total style makeover and was looking for an app that combines fashion trends, but in a realistic and practical way. Some apps have drawn photos that aren’t realistic and others have just runway, which is not always practical. This app has photos of beautiful women, but in stylish clothing week, in the streets so they’re more practical and totally doable. Awesome app with beautiful photos.

Martha Bloom New York

This is one of the most awesome interactive apps I’ve yet to find for iPhone. You can watch all your favorite street style pictures in auto play slideshow mode and never leave your eyes away from the screen! You get to see high fashion close-up and the women who so graciously show you these fashions! It’s an A+ app and it’s wonderful! Thank you for this!

Nancy Baker Paris